11th International Conference on Islamic Applications in Computer Science and Technologies
(IMAN 2023)

2 – 3 December 2023




Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker 1

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Khaled Yousef Shukri


Phenomena of recitations and their implications in the recitations of the majority ten reciters


This talk is a research aims to spot the phenomena of the majority of reciters after collecting and categorising them, to contemplate and study them, and to extract implications out of them.
The reason for conducting this research is to find the most prominent phenomena in the recitations of the majority ten reciters, and to find the implications of those phenomena.
This research has used the inductive, analytical, descriptive, and comparative methods.
Some of the main findings include: the majority reciters assent with the most eloquent form of the language, the presence of the ten reciters in comparable ratios in the majority reciters, and the most frequently present is the Imam Abu Amr Al-Basree.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Khaled Shoukri holds a Ph.D. from the Islamic University of Medina. He currently works at Qatar University in addition to his permanent work at the University of Jordan since 1991. He is specialized in interpretation, Qur’anic sciences and readings. He held a number of administrative positions at the University of Jordan, such as Head of the Fundamentals of Religion Department, Assistant Dean, Director of the Islamic Cultural Center. He has published 83 books and researches, including: Al-Mueesar in the Science of Verses, Ethics of the People of the Qur’an with the Qur’an and its People, the Numerical Miracle as a Critical Study, and the Reasons for the Existence of Abnormal Recitations.


Keynote Speaker 2

Prof. Dr. Salwa Elsayed Hamada

Generative artificial intelligence: applications in the Arabic language



Professor Dr. Salwa Hamadeh obtained her bachelor’s degree from Ain Shams Engineering, her master’s degree in computer adaptation to serve the Arabic language, and her doctorate in an intelligent system for understanding Arabic texts and interacting with them (the first Arabic chatbot) from Ain Shams Engineering. She worked as an assistant professor in computers at Taibah University in Medina, and as an associate professor in girls’ colleges in Mecca. She supervised a number of doctoral and master’s research in the field of artificial intelligence and language computing. She works at the Nozha Electronics Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt. She also works as a consultant for Reed Firth to teach the Holy Quran in America. She won several titles and awards, such as the title of Ambassador of Arab Culture, the award for the best Arab information researcher in the field of “computing the Arabic language and the text of the Holy Qur’an,” the title of Mother of Arabic Computational Linguistics, the Award and Shield of Distinction from the Language Engineering Society, and some other shields and awards. She was chosen from among one hundred individuals who served the Arabic language by the International Center for Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages eTurn. She has presented research papers in several journals and conferences in the field. The professor has various newspaper articles and has published more than 80 scientific research and articles. She is the author of a series of books in the field of automated language processing, in addition to reference books for universities in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria for the postgraduate level.



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