Note From Founder

Design for Scientific Renaissance  is established by a number of scholars in various fields; their primary aim is to disseminate knowledge among researches beings all over the world. DSR endeavours to publish original research papers, peer reviewed articles, technical reports and short communications in all fields of sciences.”

– Dr. Mahmoud Khalid Almsafir


To promote a scientifically fair globalized world
Boosting Innovative Basic Science Research
Converging Science & Humanities
Fostering Global Creative Leaders
Provide a Better Future For The World To Youngsters
Searching Solution For Weaknesses Or Disease


To provide the base for promoting advanced research.
To publish articles and papers in various fields, that add high value empirically and theoretically.
Training globally cultivated citizens with an objective outlook on the world, vision and leadership abilities.
Creating possibilities for science developers to cooperate for benefits of future.